How to Hack Wifi Using Beini OS( Only for Educational Purpose ) !!!

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Hi Viewers ! Today i am going to tell how to hack wifi using Beini Operating system. Beini is an Operating System which is Based on linux..That can be used to Hack WPA2/WPA passwords.
Beini.iso is just around 50 mb only...
Requirement for Hacking :

  •    Latest Beini 
  •    Laptop or PC With Monitor mode supported adapter
  •    Small Knowledge
First of all download  latest beini.iso  : Click Here
Then download UNetbootin that is used to boot beini from Pendrive : Click Here
How to boot Beini :

Follow above the image and click Ok..Now It will be write beini into Pendrive..
Then Shutdown ur Computer..Then Start boot from USB...Wow Beini is on your Computer..
Now, How to hack wifi ?
After successfully booted Beini now You can see this:

follow the above image..click Minidwep-gtk..
Then,It will show below message click ok.

Now Minidwep program will open :
Select a wifi network You Want to Hack then click scan..
It will take longer time if the wifi password length is high so please be patient..

If the Wifi Password is founded Then it will show like below:

That is not an Key..it is Hex Key Now we are going to get password from hex key :
Wow you are hacked the wifi ..
Download link for dictionary : Click Here
If you have any doubts comment below the post...
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