Download beini 1.2.5 [Fast Download 2015]

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Download Free Beini 1.2.5 Tiny core Linux Live CD Operating System 100% Working.

1.Download Beini 1.2.5.iso (Link Given below)

2.Download Rufus Usb Bootalbe software

3.Burn .iso file in to usb and restart the PC and run on USB then fallow instraction from (4.)number

4. Click OK.

5. Now Minipwep-gtk  program will open. Click Scan.

6. Select a wireless network(should have Clint) from the list. And click Lunch to start creaking process.

7. Sometimes its take a while according to your victim connections IVS value and password strength. So keep passions.

8. If it found a password, it should appear like this.

To creak WPA/WPA2 follow this image instruction.

Let me know if you have done it successfully or you have any complicity.

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